Our company was established in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2007. Since its establishment, we have been providing high quality logistics and supply chain solutions to various entities both domestically and internationally. We gained our reputation as one of the top companies in the logistics sector in Mongolia. We can assure you to provide Right services to ship your parcel at the Right place at the Right time with Right condition with Competitive price.


To deliver value-added logistics and supply chain management solutions from one place to our business partners; by seizing opportunities that demonstrate excellence in execution will place us as the #1 Terminal Service in Mongolia.


– 12,144 sq.m Customs Control Area

– Capacity to receive 600 containers

– 3 ton open storage

– 50 ton Bridge Crane

– 20 Warehouses

– 2 Warm warehouses

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At IDL, we provide comprehensive warehouse and distribution services by integrating transportation management, warehouse storage with local delivery, and installation, customers remove the risks associated with the hand-offs between suppliers, carriers, and service providers. We developed a process flow that provides the best-in-class supply chain visibility throughout the process.

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(+976) 7011 9000; (+976) 7017 8000

Sonsgolon Road Street 15-1, Western Industrial zone,
20th khoroo, Bayangol District, Ulaanbaatar 16102, Mongolia