Our agents will work on your need for transporting goods from anywhere, anytime. Using our main competitive advantage, we will handle your shipment through our own terminal in Ulaanbaatar, and deliver it to you by “Door-to-Door” shipping service. Depending on our customers need, we are offering the following modes of transportation services:

–          Export

–          Import

–          Transit

–          Air freight

–          Ocean freight

–          Truck shipment

Above services are all covered by the “International Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance”.

Ocean Freight

Our company work closely with internationally recognized ocean carrier companies. These companies will handle your shipment following international standard shipping requirements, such as standardized packing, standardized loading, and etc.

Rail Freight

Since Mongolia is landlocked between 2 big nations, Russia and China rail freight is frequently used in transporting goods from foreign countries. Our rail freight service is aiming to make the shipment of break-bulk freight and oversized freight more efficient and more affordable. Also, in regards to rail freight shipment, our services include handling of customs clearance, terminal handling services, and door-to-door shipments.

Air Freight 

In time of urgency, the fastest way to ship your goods and commodities is through air freight. Thus, our experienced staff can assure you that your packages are delivered on time at the right place. Depending on the size, weight and priority, we are offering our services with a competitive price, and high quality execution.

Truck Freight (Road Transport)

Even though, the population is saturated in the city center, need for transporting goods to remote areas are frequent. We are offering truck freight service to our customers who are operating its business in areas that are not connected to the main railroad. The company has its own truck parking area, where trucks can execute warehouse pickup, city-to-city delivery, as well as delivery in remote areas.

Export Freight 

Through our international partners, we can handle your export shipments from our own terminal to anywhere in the world.

Transit Freight

The length of the Mongolian railway from Russian border Naushki to station to Chinese border city Erlian is 1,110 km. Compared to routes Zabaikalsk to Manchuria and Drujba to Alashankou Naushki to Erlian route is much shorter and more cost efficient.